Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Water Water Everywhere... But Not a Drop I Drink!

I don't know what my problem with water is.

For a few days I go hard. Full force drinking my full allotment of H2O in under a days time...

Then I don't. And it feels wretched. really.
My face get's this half dry half oily mess about it.
My mouth feels like the Sahara.
My lips start to resemble sandpaper.
My pee turns the color of Budweiser.
and worst of all...

I kid you not. With just a few days of practical dehydration, my body has shifted from fat burning machine to... what's the opposite of that??? Fat storing camel?

Ug. I know it's bad but I just get lazy. If it's not ice cold and already at my fingertips I don't think about it. Usually this is around the time I convince myself that a new water bottle (something pretty and shiny) is just what I need to get me in the thirst quenching mood...

But as I sit here now staring at the water bottle graveyard in my cupboard...

Here Lies Rubbermaid... She was great until I lost her straw.
RIP Sig... indestructible my ass.

I am sure that the last thing I need is another one.
A glass is just fine. And if that fails I think I can round up one lone water bottle survivor. I just need to be a big girl.

In the mean time I have conquered that walk to Borders with confidence.

I feel like I'm getting stronger.

And a cousin I haven't seen in a few months seems to think I look skinnier.

So I'll take that simple win and raise you 3 lbs. That's what I hope to loose by next Monday... I have to just suck it up, the water that is, if I'm gonna do it.

Cheers to all of you further along on your weight loss journey. I raise my glass (or severely dented and misshapen aluminium water bottle) to you!

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