Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Day I Conquered the Cookie

Yesterday I went grocery shopping, which, when I am alone and not under a time constraint I happen to quite enjoy.

Case and point. My grocery excursion lasted a whopping 2 hours last night.

I took my time. Perused the produce.

Waited patently at the deli counter. Which, by the way, conveniently had a nutrition facts pamphlet of ALL of their deli meats and cheeses. Epic win.

The girl behind the meat counter was pleasant and funny which was good because her coworkers had all called off and she was trying to close the joint by herself. I made pleasant conversation while a less patient patron rounded up the manager. We all got five dollar gift card for our patience. Epic win #2.

Not wanting to be a total square and damn my husband to a low carb life, I decided to pick up a bakery pack of double chocolate chip cookies for a treat. He's been very good and shouldn't have to forgo sugar permanantly just for me.

His eyes widened as I took them from the shopping bag and placed them on the counter. He said "Honey." in that stern way that really meant "Honey you shouldn't have bought these they'll be gone by tomorrow morning". Six weeks ago he may have been right. But not now.


Today I found myself home alone. With the cookies. I walked into the kitchen twice. Just to look at them. I pretended to shuffle through the fridge. Then I pretended to get something from the cupboard above the counter where the cookies sat. Both ridiculous. But even more so because I was home alone. I was only pretending for me. And even I wasn't believing myself.

I tried once to get the package open but the hard plastic wasn't giving and it was making this very loud cracking sound that made my heart race for fear that someone would hear it. Again. I was alone. And delusional.

I finally got the package open, snatched up a cookie, and closed it quickly (as to not let the other cookies leap into my hand).

I stared at the cookie for what felt like hours, but I'm sure was only a fraction of a second. I brought the cookie up slowly to my nose and inhaled deeply (like I was savoring the bouquet of a nice wine). sicko.

It didn't smell as good as it looked. Thank God.

I took another deep breath. Let out a very audible groan and put the cookie back in the package. Which, by the way, opened up with ease this time.

I made my self a low carb sunday with Breyers Low Carb ice cream, whipped cream, and dry roasted sunflower seeds for a little crunch. It. Was. Heaven. In six little carbs.

Still that cookie almost got me. Almost.

In the mean time I walked/jogged (lets be honest, it was 90% walk 10% jog) 3 miles today in about 45 minutes and it felt great. Started to sprinkle a little the last mile or so which I thought would be annoying but was invigorating!

No shin splints. I feel good.

Well I feel good now.

I'll let you know in the morning ;)

Good night! Stay Skinny!


  1. Hi Sandra, I just found your blog and am so happy I did! LOVE your humor, especially your cookie story. OMG!!! ROTF!!!!
    My Sister and I just started a blog too, hope you don't mind me putting your link on our list?
    I'll be back for sure, cheering you on.
    Oh, your Sundae sounds super yummy. I'm diabetic and had no idea Breyers made low-carb ice cream!!! I'm on it!!


  2. Roxie Thank you!
    For following me as well as bringing it to my apparent attention that sundae the dessert is not spelled like Sunday the day. I'm going to take note and edit the post as to not look like a buffoon ;)

    Yes the Carb Smart ice cream will change you're life. A girl can't live on TOTAL restriction.

    Thanks for the cheering and back at ya! I'll be following you girls too xox

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Sandra!! This is one blog I will be coming back to again and again!!!
    I love that you conquered the COOKIE. Those tasty treats are the hardest!
    Also wanted to say good for you on walking 3 miles. If your anything like me, you might DREAD starting the walk, but I love the feeling afterwards! I am actually doing Hip Op Abs Total Body Burn everyday. I stand and stare at the TV for like 5 minutes before even turning it on, thinking the whole time " I DONT WANNA DO THIS!" lol Once I do finally turn it on and get going I cant stop! I love the feeling!

    So excited my sister found your blog! I am bookmarking you for sure!
    Keep in touch and best of luck to you on your goals!

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Robin!! You're making my world go round.

    BTW I'm down with the hip hop abs. I once had a love hate relationship with Billy Blanks. It eventually became me sitting on the couch eating a snack watching him Tae Bo his little heart out. I guess you could say I loved to watch it, but hated to participate.

    Keep fighting the good fight my skinny friend :)