Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just a few (15) points.

1. I have been slow to get moving on the exercise front lately. I spent the last 2 days perched on my computer editing things that don't need to be edited just to avoid walking.

2. My plan of inaction failed when God provided me with, not one, but two of the most beautiful days for being outdoors... complete with mild temps and cool breezes. conspiracy? I think yes.

3. I am convinced that my husband is only interested in riveting conversation when I am A. on the telephone or B. blogging.

4. I need to get some new music on my ipod.

5. I am not the proud owner of not ONE but THREEEEEE sports bras. Hooray for hygiene!

6 I found a great little side street route to walk for a change up. It passes by an elementary school with a bench in front that looked great for step up quad exercises.

7. The bench was not stable. or maybe a little too high. or both. either way my quads said no... and I listened.

8. Took my walk today with little stints of jogging thrown in there for good measure.

9. Once I got home these stints of jogging prompted a swift Google search for
"what is this pain in my side when I run"
"pain in my shins when I run".
It's bad news bears.

10. Also. When I run my pants fall down. Which isn't good. However its really not good when you don't wear underwear with you're exercise clothes. (don't say yuck! They make me sweat and they bunch up and fall down and they just really drive me insane)

11. By the way. If you ask me, anything that gives a girl an excuse not to wear underwear should be a fun time. Hopefully one day, in the very near (but really very far) future running will be my fun time. Next to cute kittens and HGTV, of course.

12. To rectify this bare ass in public problem I have become the proud owner of a pair of moisture wicking (for my sweating problem) very TIGHT (for the bare ass problem) running capris. Really. They're actually more like leggings. WHICH i swore I would never own. They are glorified Seran wrap. They cling to every inch of my over-sized body in a way that makes me highly uncomfortable... on a psychological level. On an actual, real, stop being a freaking baby level, they are the most comfortable wearable perfect walking jogging running pants in the entire world. But I should still only be seen in them at night.

13. I confess I avoided my multivitamin like the plague today. Back on track in the AM.

14. I've been Low carbing it for three weeks now and trying to move my ass at least once a day and... (dramatic pause)... I've lost 8.5 lbs as of Monday! Read em and weep.

15. If I can look like a sex siren in our family Thanksgiving photo this year I probably will weep. Some say, "Sandi looking like a sex siren at a family function is highly inappropriate (in a scolding grown up voice)" I say "If I'm skinny enough to fit into a bikini by next Christmas you're in for one hell of a holiday card"

Good night lovies. Here's to beauty sleep xox

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  1. Oh I love this!! And trust me.. if I can too can fit into a bikini by Christmas.... my cards may look very similar to yours!! lol

    oh goodness I love your blog!!