Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some like it hot. Not me.

Yesterday I figured I'd power walk to the Borders a few miles away. No biggie.

I have to start checking the weather channel.

91 degrees is a funny temperature... like it sneaks up on you. At first you feel ok. Then after a couple of miles you start to see colors like life has been attacked by Crayola. not. good.

I got to Borders. Alive thankfully. And made a B line for the restroom. All of those bookies stared at me as if they had never seen a fat girl with her work out clothes stuck to her body with sweat, face that looked like a tomato, with the most serious case of humid hair EVER. What. ever.

I got myself together in the bathroom and decided to read a couple of magazines and enjoy the AC before I attempted to make it home.

I texted my hubby to tell him I had walked up there. He texted me back with the always pleasant "good job babe! your hard work will pay off :)" ugh. so positive.

I almost hated to ask him to swing by and get me on his way home from work.
But I still did.

And I rode home in AC :)

The end.


  1. I am a sweater. It didnt decrease as my weight did. NOPE....still sweat like I have been walking in the rain.

    Oh well. I just figure it will help on the scale when my water weight is lower than others :)

  2. High five on the excessive sweating!

    My mother in law (who is 5ft tall and a buck fifteen on a good day) noticed my excessive sweating while I was helping her paint the other day. I asked her if she was hot and she kindly said "no but you have a little more insulation than me".

    It's gonna be a shocker when she realizes it doesn't have anything to do with my fatness. Can't a girl just be sweaty.