Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am in Luuuuuuurv. And my husband is ok with the threesome.

Ladies and Gentleman (I can say this now because I now have men followers) First let me start off by saying I love you people.

I do.

Nothing makes me more happy to rise and shine in the morning to freshly typed blog updates on my reader page. :) Stories of weight loss heartache, minor set backs, and my personal favorites, the success in daily battles. I feel like with you, my little groupies, I can do anything. Love.

Annnnd to make it even more spectacular I now have NINE count them 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9er followers. Sure, some of you pro bloggers snicker at my nine while you admire your ten million five hundred thousand followers, but let me just tell you something. We're not a big people, but we have heart and are amazing in every way. It's true. Let the jealously ensue.

Now for my announcement. I have found love. Love like I never thought I could know. She's beautiful. Perfect in everyway. My husband says he thinks so too, but I think he's just complying as to not hurt my feelings.

Her name is Lulu (I didn't make that up, it's her birth name and I happen to love it, makes her sound exotic, like French or something) and she is a Schwinn beach cruiser.

I spotted Lulu a few weeks ago and told my husband if he ever wanted me to bear his children she would be mine. Complete with a handle bar basket. Needless to say our relationship is built on threats. I kid. I kid. Please don't write me with your marriage counseling advice.

Our first ride was exhilarating. I put my feet out to the sides and threw my head back, elementary school style. The neighbors no longer speak to me. I don't care.

If I was 14 I couldn't appreciate all that is her grace and beauty, but as a twenty something I am drinking it up like milk. The general public loves her too. I get genuine smiles, waves from children, and the occasional "cool bike". Thanks. I know she's cool, but I thank you for recognizing it too.

Maybe it's not just the bike. Maybe it's me on the bike. I feel like I exude this aura of happiness and glee when I ride her. And I hope people can see that.

My journey to Lulu has been a rough one. I have been looking for a bike for a while... well not so much actively looking as hoping the right one would just run over my toe while I sat on my couch eating fried foods. But since this whole weight loss commitment thing I have felt pressure to really find one. We've been to countless sporting good shops and big box stores. I even perused a Trek store only to turn myself right around at the price tag. My wallet was not as committed to fitness as my heart.

Nothing felt like a good fit. Nothing felt like me. I didn't want anything too technical in fear that someone would ask me the specifics about the damn thing and I would look like an asshole for not knowing. I'm not out for hardcore cycling and adventure... although the outfits are quite convincing.

I wanted something that would be comfortable for me but not make me look like a senior citizen, a la the adult tricycle.

I just recently became a follower of Bitchcakes and discovered that she had a Hello Kitty beach cruiser! I thought to myself, "Self, maybe a beach cruiser is just what you need. It's simple, classic, and you're ass should fit on the oversized seat without too much of a struggle".

Not but two days later did I land my eyes on Lulu and It was love at first sight. And she loved me back. Or at least that's what the man at the store said as I practiced riding her.

This bike marked my first major purchase and financial commitment to my health. I was trying to think of the last hundred or so things I bought myself and none of them were for the greater good of my health and well being. It felt good, on a personal level to know that I was worth it. And that everyone I asked agreed I was worth it.

When I think of all of the money I've wasted on fast and junk food, not even in my life time, but just in the last year, it probably quadruples the cost of this bike. And she makes me feel so much better, not worse about myself.

Here's to Lulu... and you, my fabulous nine of course xox


  1. omg I want a LULU!!!!!!! lucky duck!!!

    xox Robin

  2. Sandra, you should check out my blog: The LuLu Chronicles.... I've got a LuLu too.