Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I am experiencing technical difficulties. What else is new.

Please completely disregard the following post until I figure out how to resolve this issue with out falling off the face of the earth. I tried the suggested method only to find that although I changed my URL to correct the typo (woopsie) the reader feed didn't work. And without the reader feed how are you supposed to read me??? That's how I read you!

In talking to the google techies in the forum I've found it to be much to difficult for my pea brain to comprehend why exactly it must be so complex.

So until further notice my people I shall remain your DAIRY queen xox

I have just been informed by my loving spelling bee champion of a husband, that when I registered my URL with blogger I chose dairyofanotsoskinnygirl.blogspot.com... dairy... like as in dairy cow.

Mental forehead slap.

I have updated it to diaryofanotsoskinnygirl.bolgspot.com for anyone who cares.

What this means is that all of my posts and comments will remain intact, but my prior posts, although they may appear in your reader, will be dead links.

Panic ensued when I was told this, but I am assured that by posting this all future posts will link to the new URL and I will not lose my FIVE (what a lovely five you are) followers. pfew. close call.

so... for future reference this is a diary. not a dairy.

although I do like to think of myself as the dairy queen :)

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