Saturday, January 1, 2011

Being a couch potato never pays off.

Unless of course you stumble upon something that makes you not want to be a couch potato. Then I guess that would be a pay off.

I must admit I am NOT a fan of MTV. Used to be. When there was actually music on it. Now it's full of orange people from New Jersey with big hair and drinking problems... of 16 year old girls with children who make 250k a year for being "TV personalities". Not my cup of tea.

Never the less while couch surfing the other night my husband and I stumbled upon THIS. It. is. incredible.

For any of you who haven't seen the show "I used to be fat" I recommend. Highly. Granted this girl is 18 and just graduated from high school, but in every other way I could COMPLETELY relate!!!!

My husband and I are going to embark on our very own 111 day journey and have started a blog about it. Blogging was my idea (although if my lack of dedication to this blog is saddening) and once he got the jist of it he's totally on board... with everything but the before pictures. 

They were horrifying but completely necessary for transformation. Please note this is not what I look like(at least that's what I keep telling myself). These pictures were taken fresh out of the shower with no makeup and they scare even me. So be warned. This is not the fabulous girl you know.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE follow us and I invite you to join in! I would love to see the change in you in just 111 days. Your days don't have to start on the first like ours did, just start!!!!! If you're already on a healthy track I ask you to STEP IT UP for the next 111 days! Intensify! Push yourselves!!!

Robin and Roxie I am talking especially to you! Let's renew ourselves and our motivation in 2011!



  1. I am all over this!!! 11 days! you got it!!

  2. lmao!! I meant 111 days!! haaaa

  3. Hello, I thought I would just leave a quick note, I found you through Robins blog and I am also on a similar journey. Hopefully we can all be nearer we want to be later this year.