Sunday, December 26, 2010

Also while I'm in a good mood... or not.

(I just realized I have the annoying habit of not posting for weeks then posting multiple updates in a day. If you hate this, I hear ya. Skip along)

I remember that cold I told you about a few weeks back??? It's back. And It's a bitch.

When I spoke to my cousin the other day she gave me the whole "oh no you're not sick again are you" talk. I explained to her that I am not in the habit of faking my illness and I do in fact have an immune system likened to that of a cancer patent. Awful, but slightly true.

I will quote the next few lines verbatim because even if I made this up it would not be as offensive as the way it came out of her mouth.

K: Sick again huh? Well when what the last time you were on Lulu? (Lulu my beach cruiser)
S: Huh? What does that have to do with anything?
K: When was the last time you rode your bike?
S: Kel, I'm sick and it's 25 degrees why would I ride my bike?
K: Well you need to get on that bike. Everything I've read says there's a link to exercise and the strength of your immune system. That's why you're always sick.
S: Kel, even if I wanted to ride my bike it's FREEZING I'd get pneumonia and the sidewalks are covered in snow and ice! I don't even think I could get out of my parking lot!
K: I'm just saying, because I've been trying to figure out why I haven't been sick at all and I think it's because I've become so active. You can't make excuses because of the weather!
ok. I admit. it wasn't quite as offensive as I made it out to be. You're getting the version without voice affliction... also I'm being a bit of a baby. 

Let me just make these points though...

The high today was 28. twenty eight. not celsius. fahrenheit. that's damn cold. and it was the high.

The woman who is giving this exercise advice is living a sweet 600 miles to the south where the weather doesn't pack as much of a punch.

And here is my pièce de résistance, the cream of the crop in excuses: 

I am slightly jaded because my mother (along with her 2 cats and 1 dog) is currently residing with my husband and myself. Why, do you ask? Because two weeks ago, while clearing snow off her car in the parking lot, she fell and shattered her femur. She had surgery where a rod and pins were put in to hold it all together, spent 1 week in the hospital, another in a rehab facility, and will spend the next 4 weeks at my residence where she will require my assistance to shower, shit and shave. 

So honestly, I ask you, is it  so wrong that I am leery to hop on the beach cruiser in a Michigan December?

I ask you followers to pick a side. My side. The right side. 

I guess I don't have quite the same argument for the stationary bike. But if you give me a minute I'll work one up.

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  1. I am picking my side................ THE STATIONARY BIKE!!! get on it!! get moving.. still love me? lol