Friday, July 23, 2010

Today My Adventure Begins...

Well technically it started 3 days ago at midnight while I was cruising the internet, eating a muffin.

Or when I was 16 and joined Weight Watchers.

Or when I was 19 and Joined Weight Watchers again.

Or when I was 21 and signed up for a charity 60 mile walk... that I never finished.

Or this past January when some girlfriends, my husband, and myself signed up for... wait for it... Weight Watchers. The third time.

All my life I've been, as my mother puts it, "a big girl". It's something I would say I struggled with, but never let dominate me. Since it's always been who I am I've grown quite comfortable with it. You know, in that i-say-i'm-comfortable-but-really-i-wouldn't-really-mind-weighing-100-lbs-less kind of way.

I'd like to tell you that my childhood was tortured and I had no friends, but that wasn't the case. Sure, some kids poked fun, made the occasional fat joke, but all-in-all my adolescence was splendid. I was very social, popular even. Had many friends, a few really fantastic best friends. I spent my days running, biking, and climbing, like any other active kid. Got my first serious boyfriend at 15. Lost my virginity at 16. Married at 24.

I always thought I was ok looking. Didn't have any major deformities. Like every girl, I had my pretty days.

Some others thought so too. To an extent.

If I had a dollar for every time someone said...
"You have such a beautiful FACE Sandra!", "You're eyes are breathtaking, if you were a little thinner you could be so pretty!", "Have you ever thought about dieting? You are beautiful, but you would really be something if you exercised just a little."

Well if I had a dollar I would hire a personal trainer... that I would end up making friends with, who I would take to the best bakery in town and buy a slice of red velvet cake. Everyone likes red velvet cake.

I think that's part of my problem. I really, truly, most undeniably love food. I love the taste. I love the smell. And there is nothing more beautiful than food. Really. The texture, the color, the way the light dances off of the caramelized sugar on a ramekin full of crème brulée. I ask you, what could possibly be more beautiful then that?

Hopefully, me naked.

Which brings me crashing back to reality and to my objective for this blog.

I need to become more healthy. For obvious reasons, as well as some that I'm sure I will get into later on down this blog.

Also... I'm not going to lie... I would like to be hot. Smokin' hot. For very selfish reasons yes, but also for my loving, wonderful, and forever patient husband. He deserves a hot wife.

So please join me. Here. Every freaking day. To hold me accountable. Comment. Excessively even. I need it.

In return I, Sandra "not so skinny girl" Bridges promise to tell you everything. All of the embarrassing things I try. All of the yummy, and not so yummy, things I choke back. Every cheat, every win. Everything. Everyday.

Lets assess in one year. I have a hard time with goals so I'm going to think outside the box on this one and set periodic checkpoints.

The first being in 6 weeks... which would be September 3rd for those without a calender. I've taken beginning measurements and well as a beginning weight. Both of which horrify me.

So here is what we're going to do. Since I'm not quite ready to let those numbers out in public, I will post current, as well as starting numbers at my six week checkpoint. Rain or shine. Hell or high water. Even if I fall off the weight loss wagon into a pool of cheesecake filling and wind up fatter than before I began. I promise.

Here's to smaller jeans!



P.S. Please don't be afraid of the word fat. I am not. People seem to gasp and grab ahold of their children's ears when they hear the word. F-A-T. Fat. Fatty. Say it. It's good for you.


  1. Hi Sandra, I love the beginnings of your blog!! I can relate to sooooo much of what you are saying. I wish I had the courage to start a public blog and just see where it takes me...but I never commit to anything. I don't finish what I start, and I'm afraid that might be another one of those failed projects. I, like you, want to be HOT! I have over 125 pounds to lose and boy is it difficult. I also have a very loving, caring, understanding and patient boyfriend and he deserves a hot girlfriend. Sometimes that's what kills me the most. I look forward to reading more. :)

  2. Am I your first official follower? I think so! I am excited! Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. It doesnt matter how we choose to fight this battle, we are all in the same boat (and if we all stand on one side it starts to tip)...but I look forward to following you on your journey!

  3. Tardy Girl, you and i need to converse on a regular basis. You can be strong. It doesn't matter how many times you give up... it's how many times you start again REMEMBER THAT! Talk to you soon :)

    Amy, you ARE! Thanks for the encouragement and I'm so happy I stumbled upon your blog near the end of your journey so I can read back at all of the moments you've had that I look forward to having. You're hilarious and you make this road a little less bumpy for me :)