Friday, July 23, 2010

Today I...

Today I...

Slept in until 9:30 which at first I felt guilty about. And then I felt too rested to feel guilty. Well that's settled

Found this verycool app for Blackberry (which I'm sure is available on every other smartphone so check an iphone/droid near you). It's called Greattrainer and I must say for a free app it's living up to its name.

So you start this bad boy up and select the type of activity you want to do. For me, "walk" for you over achievers, "run". You wait for it to find a GPS signal. Hit start. And go!

It tracks the distance, pace and time of your walk. Fantastic! I have just a few comments:

1. It has a calories burned counter, but you can't change your weight, so it's probably calculated based on a 130lb girl (which I am not) so it's not really accurate.

2. It has a handy feature which talks out loud how far you've gone in 1/2 mile incriments, but it interupts my Pandora app from playing music and I have to go into Pandora to unpause my song.

*** For those of you who are not in the know, Pandora is the most wonderful of wonderful FREE internet radio apps you can download on your smartphone. Always a new mix, you can customize stations, and there are no bratty radio hosts or male enhancement commercials to intterupt your fitness groove. You can also visit the Pandora website to listen to in on your home computer <3

3. There is supposedly an internet site that works in tandem with the Greattrainer app, of which you can upload your walk info and get maps and such, but I spent 25 minutes trying to figure it out and gave up. The Blackberry app is just fine for me. I need to keep it simple.

My stats:
32.54 minutes
1.67 miles
avg speed 3.04 mph
I guess we know who's a tortoise and not a hare. But at least I got off my ass. And truthfully I feel good.

All in all quick setup, ease of use, and overall wonderfulness of Greattrainer means it gets a thumbs up from me :)

I'm going to try to fit in 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity a day because I know its good for my heart and blah blah blah.
It's just a good idea.
Lets leave it alone.
30 minutes.
Even if it's in three 10 minute spurts.

Today I...

Ate chinese food for breakfast. It's awful. I know. It was left over from last night's dinner and I didn't have the heart to throw it away.

But I also had...
a protien bar
a banana
some strawberries

So it's not a total loss.
Compared to what I eat on a normal day today was golden.

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