Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh Mi Oh My How I Have Missed You

I know.

I know.


It's been a SHOCKING 2 months (and 2 days) since my last blog and I feel wretched. :(

I promised, myself and you, that I would stick with this blog for better or for worse. I must say I am really good when it's for the better... super lousy when it's for the worse.

Blogging has literally been on my to do list since October 4th. Sad. I'm aware.

But honestly it's no fun to tell people you're cheating like crazy and getting fatter. And that my friends sums up the last 2 months in a nut shell, but for those of you more interested in my self destruction please continue to read below.

My wedding anniversary was in October and the hubby and I dipped off to LasVegas... or as I like to call it No Weight-Las Vegas. That was the beginning of the end. Buffets. More Nathan's hot dogs than any one human should be allowed to consume. A few margaritas a day. Dessert. More dessert. Wonderfully carb-o-lisous Italian food. Wine. And last but not least the most wonderful, sugary sweet, 8 million calorie, piece of heaven masquerading as a breakfast sandwich available just a few steps from our hotel lobby.

Ladies and gentleman I am legitimately surprised of two things. 1) that I did not some how slip into a food coma and 2) that I was able to fasten my seatbelt on the airplane ride home.

Fast forward to Halloween... which really goes without much explanation. It's amazing how much candy one can consume when she A. doesn't even have her own children and B. didn't even BUY any candy at the store. It was all very ninja like theft from my niece and nephew who I feel are too young (and I hope never understand) to appreciate all of the love contained in a Reece's peanut butter cup.

Fast forward again... skipping over the entire month of November where I figured I would just eat like a crazy person EVERYDAY in preparation for Thanksgiving, where shockingly I ate very little, go figure.

All in all, I was very embarrassed to admit my failure. Which is why I so avoided this return. Which is quite silly because almost nothing (i.e. riding a beach cruiser with pigtails, face planting on the treadmill at the gym, constantly and forever tripping over my own feet) really embarrasses me to the core. It just seemed like the longer I went on without blogging the harder it was going to be to return and explain my indiscretions.

Anyhow enough with the ridiculously boring woe-is-me talk. As of yesterday I am back on the wagon. Not really sure who's wagon or even what wagon, but was long as it's moving towards Skinnytown and away from giant underpants I don't really care.

I went to to gym with my husband last night (for the first time in months) and when we were walking back to the car all red and sweaty he looks at me and says "I don't know why we always drag our feet to the gym, we always feel great afterwards" and he was right. We do feel great. I feel better after the gym than I do after chicken fingers and I need to keep reminding my self of that. Maybe I'll have it embroidered on a pillow. Watch for in in the gift shop.

Today, even though I told myself I would do it yesterday, I weighed myself, which wasn't nearly as devastating as I had worked myself up for it to be. I gained .3lbs since I last blogged 2 months ago, which honestly is like a single poop so I'm not even freaked out by it. Even better is that it is 3.3lbs less than I was just after Halloween so I really need to stop all the dramatics. Stressing out about seems to add more weight than what I actually put in my mouth. I'll have to chew on that a while.

Regardless of how long Ive been gone it is so good to be back :) I especially missed my little cheerleaders Roxie and Robin, and I can't wait to catch up on their blogs. I was going to sit down and read everyones updates before I sat down to write this, but since procrastination is my downfall, I figured I'd better write something before 2 months turned to 3.

I have a ton of reading ahead of me over the next few days I'm sure so prepare yourselves for an obscene amount of blog commenting.

And thank you... for sticking with it even when I didn't. xox

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  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Miss Sandra!! oh how I have missed you. Dont ever leave me like that again..lol If you have come to our blog lately, you see that I am struggling! I am bored with the gym, my trainer.. everything! I am now slowly getting back on track, but its hard. I know what I need to do, how I will accomplish it and how good I will feel......so I MUST..and you MUST do it!! we know this. We are not dumb girls! So put the last 3 months in the back of your mind and forget it!! I mean it... FORGET IT!! Lets be each others cheerleaders! WE CAN DO THIS!!!! Damn it we can!!